Old Chinese shoes sell Europe and the United States

Only in the last year, leap in France sold shoes, sales exceed 100 million pairs of 50 million euro --

Mention "made in China", "the price is low, the poor design, quality general" has always been a reviled. China, however, some old sneakers in euramerican market sell like hot cakes, but let the people slowly change this impression. According to the Canadian globe and mail newspaper reported recently, Hollywood star Orlando bloom recently had his sneakers must-haves - "leap" sneakers, belong to "made in China".
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Broome leap from a French shoes at whim. In 2005, the French PaTeLiSi · buster Ann in Shanghai found leap for its contracted shoes, the design and handy and restore ancient ways to attract. PaTeLiSi founded in 2006 as the holding company, will leap leap to the French market, shoes great success. The brand "FEIYUE" as trademarks, take "the forward flight" (forward) from the righteousness, in France starting a shares new trend. Last fall, the brand is in London for a hundred years, the fashion department stores sell blessed nasser, open ridge in Britain's "leap". According to statistics, currently only in France, leap of sneakers agent has more than 160. Last year, sold 100 million leap holding double leap and if every pair of shoes sold 50 euros, with annual sales of super 5000 million euros.
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Same story also happens in back in shoe. Back in the 1970s and 1980s shoes of China is very popular. But since China's reform and opening up, as "Nike," "adidas" to enter the Chinese market, back in shoes after vanished. Last year, Chinese made back in brand sneakers appeared in Paris boutiques. In Europe since returning warrior ", "already boarded stores around the world, the price rise to $65 a pair. In addition, there were americans improved "cheap.in Ospop and" people's shoes, "".

"Leap" and "warrior" by Chinese old brands such as American and European consumers, is mainly attributed to the hot holding three factors: China products quality improvement, "Chinese elements" in the world of popular fashion and French successful business operation.
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"Made in China" thirty years ups, although some quality problems appeared event, but overall the quality has been in continuous ascension. "Made in China" quality improvement and also gradually got foreign consumer acceptance. According to the globe and mail online polls showed, 33 percent of consumers think of Chinese products are of good quality and 53 percent think sometimes good, it can see foreign consumers for Chinese products quality overall a positive view. And in the website of the message, an ID di_mondz "netizens" wrote: "although western media for years on Chinese products do negative publicity,... China will still has rediscovered in product quality and innovation deserved reputation - such as they in the 16th and 17th centuries, have that." Leap shoes in overseas markets, it is with its good quality for everyone praised.

Secondly, leap, traditional design shoes contracted agitation restoring ancient ways catered to a consumer for love, and the rubber canvas shoes material are catching up with the new trend in European shoes. In product package, PaTeLiSi rich in Chinese elements in advertising for mysterious Chinese products evoke consumer interest. For example, the first team of advertising leap shoes and to shaolin kung fu as the main content, prominent as shaolin monks leap shoes, shoe feature acrobatics in order to attract customers. Meanwhile, the French consumers for Nike, adidas, kanway has appeared the brand such as aesthetic fatigue, leap as new fashion brand appear, the more meets the consumer to tide diversified needs.

More importantly, the French successful brand positioning and product operation thrusting the old Chinese shoes success. In PaTeLiSi before entering Europe, has redesigned leap shoes style with cater to European consumers demand, 50 euro minimum pricing slightly more than the average sports shoes, showing he will leap for fashionable sport shoes build brand.

Facing the increasingly competitive global market, how to build the "made in China" brand value become urgent need to address the problem. The French brand with China a huge success, perhaps can give China merchants to bring a lot of enlightenment

Becks "enjoy" attia the wind

Running shoes displayed in the fridge, you seen? This scene appeared in adidas "full cool run" national roadshow activities of the scene.
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As the world's leading sports brand, adidas will launch in this season of flowery colour does ClimaCool breeze running shoes. This running shoes vamp with large grid design, the vamp, sole mastery, let double foot doesn't engrave feel the air flow, permeability is admirable. According to understand, athletic process flow through the instep, forming around the inside the shoe air circulation system, can effectively reduce the 20% of the shoes, and 12% in the temperature of the wet, let double foot relaxed freely.
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What is worth mentioning, it is also football superstar David Beckham "good minds".

From capa, puma transformation of the development of see cool movement

With the development of social economy, people's standard of living rises ceaselessly, sports activities more and more become essential to life constitute project, people vti increasing demand, sporting goods in people's consumption, especially if the proportion of men's consumption amount of a straight-line sex rise, sports goods brand also springing up developed. But a market place have competition, sports brand numerous, product quality is not only to the good and bad are intermingled, on consumer choice brings some difficulty, for its part, the sports brand if in the fierce competition in the survival and development down and reveal oneself, and is a small problem.
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Today's Chinese sports brand market, and has formed a domestic brand and foreign brands, up to the situation of foreign brands, however, Nike and adidas occupied a large part of the market share that other foreign brands have to think change innovation to develop their sales areas. For example, this by capa from Italian brand popularity in recent years by leaps and bounds, and in a few years ago, Kappa dominated by Italian product, the brand promotion ideas continue Italian market development mode, professionalism still rivalry but Adidas and Nike. Until a few years ago a global Kappa Kappa meeting, they found the "lifestyle" series, and then to push the sport, fashion style of clothing. From South Korea's clothing designers use bold, hyperbole colour collocation and eye-catching logo, from TV, sports sponsors to quit, start with popular clothing brand of the transformation, and type of promotion by sponsoring host and sports stars, walk the promotion of pure fashion route, people finally saw the broad market space Kappa.
Another new thinking become foreign brands, the puma mo belong to, the same town with adidas was born in the sports brand, because sales model obsolete, product form a single, almost by rivals, but its leaders adidas squeeze for the brilliant "sneakers" found "vogue" the new way. When other sports shoes brand for all kinds of sports and continue to develop more and more professional sports shoes of, "puma" had already in fashion design and life with shoes, into new design, and to reemerge, ranks among the world's top sports brand.
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Capa and puma's success in design is comfortably in sports brand new, on the sales idea of speaking, capa and puma are actively pursuing, in almost all the sports brands in crazy when they open stores look took aim at developing e-commerce market it is in China, the first professional network quality goods movement city - cool movement. China's Internet users have 3 million or more, the momentum of development of Internet consumption, and should not be neglected in the professional and cool movement good reputation in the consumer's mind set up the China's biggest city of professional network quality goods movement image. Each big movement, it was their corporate brand from traditional store sale mode to store, network consumption dual mode transformation. And for cool sport, good reputation, huge e-commerce potential also won the favour of major sports brand. Because professional to do better, as cool movement of the scale unceasingly expands, for sports fans will provide more cost-effective fashionable sport products, and strive to create the first-class online shopping experience and considerate after-sale service, make broad consumer ultimately benefit.


PUMA PUMA Phone mobile phone on sale

Puma sports brand PUMA early as the beginning of the MWC 2010 Mobile World Congress to showcase its own brand mobile phone, however, the phone will begin selling only today. Puma announced to Europe, Air Shoes Africa and the Middle East mobile phone users can buy from today the phone. Although it is for Europe, Africa and Middle East sales, but only in some countries in these areas will be added to our Puma mobile phones, including: Germany, Britain, Italy, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Romania, Macedonia, Slovenia; Uganda, Madagascar, Kenya,Chaussures Sports Mauritius, Cameroon, Botswana, Tunisia, Senegal; United Arab Emirates. Puma said the recent sales of more countries will be facing the phone, lock-free version is priced at 399 euros. Mobile phone ODM manufacturers by the Puma and Sagem Wireless to launch, with a 2.8-inch QVGA touch screen with a resolution of 240X320, back for the solar panels can charge the battery, the use of 3.2 million pixel camera. In addition, as a sports brand, the phone also includes GPS tracking system features such as pedometer and a compass, measuring 102mm x 56mm x 13mm.

Nike Logistics Centre in China doubled revenue bottlenecks Yupo

By 2015, Nike expects revenue in the Chinese market doubled the target of the Chinese market from 2010 sales of about 100 billion to 200 billion yuan, this goal can be achieved will depend largely on the Nike deal the speed of the order; Nike is located in Taicang City,Air Shoes Jiangsu official opening of the logistics center, Hot Nike products but can not get timely replenishment of the problem is expected to a certain degree of ease. Market watchers Magang on the "First Financial Daily" said: "Nike in the domestic market there are some very large distributors, such as Belle, but sometimes we find that although some of Nike's sales are fire, Puma ShoesBelle of the stores in the inner but no cargo, which is equivalent to the opportunity to hand over money. In fact, more than Nike, the domestic distribution of other sports brands not kept pace with the goods, and many orders can only give up or product into cash by slowing down the pace, not only the sporting goods business performance be affected, can lead to sporting goods companies and strained relations between dealers. "Nike officially opened yesterday, logistics center covers an area of ​​460 Chinese acres, building area of ​​20 square meters, consists of two parts, part of the positioning of products for the apparel receiving, storage, sorting and delivery; another part responsible for the storage and distribution of footwear products, Nike side said its apparel products warehouse distribution building maximum daily processing 220,000, while sales of footwear products, warehousing and distribution building is expected to officially put into use in April of this year. Magang said that, if handled according to the daily maximum of 220,000 clothing terms, Chaussures Sports summer and autumn and winter clothing is less expensive compared to summer is estimated at 500 yuan each, the year Nike deal with the logistics center in China The value of garment products will reach about 400 billion, with footwear, will be a very large number. December 1, 2009 to November 30, 2010, Nike Greater China revenue 18.64 billion, analysts say, China accounted for 80% of total revenue to 85%, about 100 billion yuan in resistance gram logistics center in China put into use, if developed properly, according to Nike's goal in 2015 is expected to reach 200 billion yuan in revenue. Nike had five logistics centers in the world, including two in the United States, one each in Belgium and Japan, and a smaller logistics center in South Korea, Nike announced terms, the logistics center is located in Taicang, China will be responsible for markets, including apparel, footwear, sports equipment and products, including Nike Golf logistics operations, through innovative technology, logistics and distribution center will shorten the operation time and optimize the total logistics process. Nike logistics center in China, the persons concerned, due to adopt a variety of more advanced equipment and technology, the highly automated logistics center, developed by Nike's own Warehouse Management System (WMS), with wired / wireless radio frequency terminal and voice guidance terminal, logistics center staff can quickly determine an item's specific location in the warehouse to complete the process of sorting and packing, Nike, the persons concerned, a fast delivery of goods from storage to just a few hours . Nike logistics center in China, with a total length of 9 km of the conveyor belt, placed at intervals from a scanner, have been packaged goods transported on the conveyor belt, after scanning equipment, bar code on the package will be scanned, recorded The following location information, logistics center in connection with the distribution of the various functional areas in the automated sorting equipment, so that products can be quickly transferred to a different operating area. Magang said the technology to achieve digital library display of goods, goods sorting efficiency gains, the domestic sporting goods companies, including Li Ning, Anta, similar techniques have not; warehousing and logistics has become a national sporting goods companies restricting further development and growth bottleneck, especially e-commerce, online purchase of 1 to 2 items, this order is very small, is not difficult to do alone, and if there are thousands of pen such orders, companies will be overwhelmed, to be automated solution. Magang said: "The logistics problem is resolved, Nike can focus on product development and sales."

Nike said a significant price increase effective from the year 2012

The world's largest shoe and sportswear maker Nike Inc. (Air Shoes ) recently said that significant price increases effective from the year 2012 to reflect the oil, cotton, rising wages and transport costs erode the company's profits. Nike Chief Financial Officer Tony Blair (DonBlair) At the recent conference call with analysts, said: We expect to continue for unfavorable factors, from the year 2012, we will substantially increase the price of a range of products.Running Shoes expects the cost of production increased the pressure on profits will be greater in the season. Oak Creek Investment Company (OakBrook) snow Lu Curry fund manager, said: This proves that rising production costs have hurt the profitability of Nike, Nike's profit margins will be under heavy pressure throughout the year this year. Nike announced the end of February for the year ended third quarter profit increased 5.2% to 500 million 23 million U.S. dollars, equivalent to $ 1.08 per share, higher than the same period of last year's 400 million $ 97,000,000 or $ 1.01 per share, but still lower than Analysts on average expected $ 1.12 per share. Revenue increased 7.3% last quarter to 50 billion 80 million U.S. dollars; Nike stores same store sales increased by 13%. Third quarter gross margin fell 1.1 percentage points to 45.8%, mainly due to increased costs in addition to production to meet increased consumer products by air also lower profits. Chaussures Sports is expected to gross margin in the quarter than the same quarter last year, down 3 percentage points, but after starting prices, margin pressure will be reduced. Nike third quarter sales growth is unevenly distributed in North America and China, sales increased by 9% and 21%, but decreased 2% in Western Europe, in Japan decreased by 8%.


ESPN: Miami record for a data record in team history to complete Makeovers Wade

April 22, the Heat with 76 first round held on the third moved to Philadelphia and eventually the Heat to 100-94 win over opponents, with a total score to 3-0 to get match point, ESPN is also the end of the game were some comments - though come to Philadelphia,Air Shoes but the Heat play in the games are more focused, and ultimately rely on collective strength, gain another victory in Miami, get the series win away from only one step away, Wei show in this game in Germany and highly aggressive,Chaussures Sports Dwyane constant rim, to the 76 line of defense created a huge destructive power. "Philadelphia has been trying to stop him the ball." Heat coach Spohr Stella Wade's performance in the comments said, "the last two games where he points out the ball, which is a different, and he understood our need him to make more things, he played very aggressive. "previous two games, 76 people were wantonly Wade teamed, forcing Dwyane Wade sent the ball, but in this game Wade in Miami for the manufacture of a large number of opportunities to participate in holding James and Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade conducted while keeping the ball, so also the total liberation of the Lightning Man, "I sometimes play a more aggressive, I will in moving the ball, rather than pick and roll ball after the attacks on the initiative. "Wade said. Dwyane performance let 76 coach Doug - Collins feel helpless, "Wade can offensively anything and everything he any time ball sent basket." Collins "He have such ability able Open an instant attack mode. "In addition to Wade's strong attack, but James and Chris Bosh also made a great contribution, LeBron finished with 24 points and 15 rebounds and 6 assists, and also had 19 points Dragon King 6 rebounds, three giants of the game together more than 120 minutes playing time, but they lost a total of only three two fouls, which side of the feedback from the difference between the two aggressive. Heat the field to get a second attack with 24 points, 76 line of defense to create a very large killer, and a full match in Miami who won 20 offensive rebounds, so as to create a franchise playoff record of offensive rebounds, is is such a dominant game for the Heat has laid a good situation now, and they will take this situation into the fourth war.

Three well-known world champion under the Federation championship team

First, the world champion golf team was established in 2007. Now has nearly ten well-known member of the team championship. Strict limits assessment team members and invited members of refereeing. Limited to invite each of the three - five members to the team. By the team's honorary captain of the most influential in China, a brother Liang as golf. Top Ten by the coaches coach the team one of China as Mr. Cao Mingchang. Team members include: the famous ice hero Ye Qiaobo, the famous Olympic champion Huang Xu (Air Shoes ), Yangling (microblogging), Xing Ao Wei (Micro Bobo-off), Luo, Zhao Ruirui, Chen Yibing (micro-Bobo-off), Gao Min, Zhong Man, Wang Liping (micro-Bobo-off), Li Ju, Zou Shiming (microblogging), Liao Hui. Well-known world champion: Jie, Wang Haibin, Zhou Yafei, Zhang Lin, Chen (Chaussures Sports ), Mo Huilan, Gu Beibei (microblogging), Pang Panpan (micro Bobo-off), Sui Jian Shuang, Yang Ying; famous champion coach : The original home Wei, Huang Yubin, Li Yan, Wang Lu, Wang Haibin, Wang Guoqing, Xia Xuanze, Zhang Jun (micro-Bo), Li Yongbo (micro Bobo-off), Wang Tao, Chen Ying. Well-known sports media leaders: SONG, Sun Cheng-ping (micro-Bo), Han Qiao (microblogging) and so on. Team determined to champion social platform to build high-end. Rich cultural life of the senior championship. Training Day and the team has fixed the calendar event. Brand competition in 2011 founded the Federation Cup world champion ----- Celebrity Golf Tournament. Federation under the world champion team. Federation World Championship title to accept executive director will manage. The daily office by the Federation Secretariat is responsible for the world champion. Second, the world champion world champion table tennis table tennis team's most influential by the Chinese table tennis Olympic champion and world champion composition. They are: Li Ju, Lu Lin, Zhang Yingying, Liu Guozheng, Yan Sen, Yang Ying, Wu Na, Liu Wei, Qin Zhijian and other components. Team Vision: promote the national sport spirit, and promote fitness, to promote table tennis international cultural exchange and cooperation. Federation under the world champion team. Federation World Championship title to accept executive director will manage. The daily office by the Federation Secretariat is responsible for the world champion. Third, the world champion world champion outdoors outdoor sports teams sports teams from the most influential Chinese Olympic champion and world champion known composition. Outdoor experience and regularly organized fashion green demonstration activities. Advocacy with the champions of the practical demonstration of fitness. With a number of outdoor sports teams have started well-known outdoor sports organizations, cooperation and exchange. And become an important strategic partner. Federation under the world champion team. Federation World Championship title to accept executive director will manage. The daily office by the Federation Secretariat is responsible for world champion


Fagan Adelman exposure to the Lakers for the handsome James is willing to mentor for the rocket

April 21, "Houston Chronicle" columnist Fagan open instant messaging system, online answer on the Houston Rockets fans made the issue a new coach. Fagan proposed invitation has coached the Rockets for Mike James - Brown, to Houston coach, and coach Rick Adelman said the Lakers are willing to restore pointer - Q: From your point of view, Air Shoes who served as Rockets coach you optimistic about? Fagan: I think Brown can be, his actual coaching ability more than the reputation he enjoys. Under his command, the Cavaliers became a top defensive teams, it was all the coach's credit, nothing to do with a certain top players. Knight coached at Brown, Air Max Shoes when the team's offense looks a big problem,Chaussures Sports it is because he had to attack the center of gravity tilt to the James. If Brown came to the Rockets, this will not be a problem, because the Rockets are not the kind of superstar James. Of course, if the Magic are willing to put Stan - Van Gundy left the Rockets coach he is a good choice. Q: if the rocket will wait until the dust settles after it stalled, began to consider new coach? If the rocket will consider Turner and Sigma Adelman temporary work agency, until that time? Feigen: Rockets can not wait that long. Starting today, the rocket has entered the preparation stage, and they want to determine if the Rockets coach, who will soon sign his post. In this way, before he really started coaching, there will be several months of preparation time. Q: Adelman about it, you think he will continue to coach next season it? If he chooses to coach, do you think he would go team? Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat, which one is more suitable for him? Fagan: This is a difficult question to answer, I just chatted with Rick Adelman. Sounds like he is willing to take a short break while, but he did not consider retirement. I think if invited him to coach the Lakers, he invited. I think the Heat will not consider coaching change, even if Riley to consider coaching change, he will recruit a willingness to implement the "Riley tactics" of the coach, rather than have their own unique offerings to find a mature tactical coaching system. In contrast, the Lakers are the best place to Adelman. Q: Do you think Adelman's coaching style for eagle it? That team has a group of good players, as well as good passing big man that Horford has been prepared to do the winning. Fagan: If the invitation is the eagle, I'm not sure Adelman will be invited. A handsome but I think the Hawks should be able to succeed. Q: Morey, general manager of the contract when this expires? Fagan: He's very stable, general manager of sitting position, secure that even he himself can not remember how long the remaining contract period. I guess may be due next season. Morey, a few weeks ago I asked this question, he said he did not remember


World Headlines: Real Madrid Barcelona prepare against anti-rational shop in China

April 18, Real Madrid lost general, anti-rational anti-Galacticos; Alves blasted referee, Barcelona ready to shop in China; Air Shoes Jose Mourinho Inter Milan back in summer? Inter rule over; Neuer has been set to the future, Chelsea lock Guardiola, Dortmund approximation champion. Tencent to bring you today's sports world headlines. "Marca": Real loss of general war in the last century on the weekend, Real Madrid women adidas sent off in foul when Villa defender, also gave Messi a penalty. "Marca" said the red card because of this, Albiol will not be able to participate in the same week in Barca King's Cup final, Mourinho will adjust the lineup, Pepe and Ricardo Carvalho may be guarding the defense.

World headlines: Casey is going to win King's Cup Inter deny Mourinho contacts

April 19, Casey is going to win King's Cup, Inter Milan and Mourinho did not contact; Barcelona announced the renewal of Merit, and then stretch Lamaxiya Wenger tentacles; Eto'o missing war Rome,Shoes With Air Montella fear class, Van Gaal Del Neri replaced? Carragher to encourage young players, Podolski got married! Tencent to bring you today's sports world headlines. This week, the Spanish King's Cup final will be played in Metz Taya course, is against both Barcelona and Real Madrid, Puma Cat  before the war, Iker Casillas Real Madrid official website in an interview, said: "This is a very important trophy, Real Madrid can not be missed for 17 consecutive years. We know the face of the hype, but we do everything to fight for access to the final victory, I believe, in this week, anything can happen, everyone needs 100% of the input, we is a unity of the team, no one will give up the trophy. "

Milan, Juve seek lore Amauri + heavily front of God for the giant killer

April 18 evening, according to "Gazzetta dello Sport" message, Juventus and Palermo transfer manager, there have been Marotta has contacts and hope to gain 20-year-old Uruguay striker Hernandez (Shoes With Air ), It is reported that Amauri put Juve can deal, and then add a certain amount of cash. Juventus this season, will end up achieving nothing in the summer to continue to recruit, although Juventus interested in the performance of a good buy in the summer and Matri Quagliarella, but like Del Piero, Toni has not qualified for a continuous high-intensity battle, Air Sport Shoes Asia Quintana also would definitely be cleaned, the introduction of a power forward when the fight is necessary. According to today's "Gazzetta dello Sport" message, move to Juventus and Palermo area manager Marotta has Hernandez's transfer to a preliminary contact, Zamparini trading program for the very sense of Ewing interest, and Amauri welcomed the return of Sicily, but he also said Amauri way must pay cut to return to the Pink Army. Chaussures Sports Amauri in effect from 2006 to 2008, Palermo, 23 in the league into the goals. This season, because unstable state of frequent injuries, Amauri Juventus on loan to Parma, in the 10 games has scored five goals, including a 2-0 victory over Inter Milan in the race, to seal the victory goals. Although the state is good, but not 30-year-old Amauri Juventus next season in the program. 20-year-old Amauri younger than Hernandez, and more impact, Marotta think he is the best choice to replace Amauri. Hernandez debut to be the "Uruguay Henry" nickname, has a powerful physique and great power, ability to balance your feet in front of has a natural sense of smell. April 24, 2010, he beat AC Milan in the 3-1 game, scored his goal at the child, of Rome 3-2 on Saturday away game, Hernandez scored twice, a good performance. In fact, the ability of Hernandez's certainly long been wealthy, last September, when the Inter Milan manager Rafael Benitez on his intention, the Spanish hoped to replace introduced him to flee to Balotelli, However, Benitez class, this move will let the matter rest. Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger sent scouts also emphasis on the performance of Hernandez. "Gazzetta dello Sport" analysis, said Hernandez's move is towards a good direction, Amauri is not much return, of course, Juventus also have to pay a so Zamparini satisfied with the extra cash. Hernandez joined Juventus, if successful, will Matri and Quagliarella together, as the main striker next season Juventus configuration.


Juventus VS Fiorentina starters: Tony Buffon back leather bench team

Month at 9:00 p.m. on the 17th (Air Shoes ), Serie 33, Juventus will appear on Frankie court challenge to Florence, before the two sides announced the starting lineup, Gianluigi Buffon, Fabio Grosso do so return to the starting team, Alessandro Del Piero, Air Max Shoes Toni both the bench. Juventus eased this week, the shorthanded situation, Gianluigi Buffon, Alessandro Del Piero are back, the last round of the suspended Fabio Grosso lifted back, but there are still six players absent through injury. Florence is the lack of the injured Vidic, Natalie, Chaussures Sports and Santana, Mutu ban lifted back. Compared to the last round of league, Juventus adjust the starting lineup, Gianluigi Buffon, Fabio Grosso and Traore Storari replacement starter. Del Neri insisted formation 433, Tony, both sitting on the bench Del Piero. Florence greater adjustment, De Silvestri, Croatia de Rupp, Behrami, Qieer Qi and Mutu replacement Comotto, Natalie, Dona Dyer, Santana and Leah Sewage appearance

Bayern Leverkusen VS starts: Gomez partner Klose debut

April 17 evening 21:30 (local time April 17 in Germany 15:30 pm), in the 2010-11 Bundesliga season,Nike Chaussures Femme the 30th round of a focus of battle, sits at the Allianz Arena Bayern Munich against Leverkusen enemies. In the last round was 1 to 1 draw after the Nuremberg, Bayern Munich was once again overtake Hanover, ranking dropped to fourth in the standings. Then after class coach Van Gaal in advance, the game will be Juncker Bayern Munich lead the team operations. If you want to qualify for next season's Champions League, Bayern Munich, the field must go all out,
mens Jordan Shoesand Bayer Leverkusen is currently ranked second, the strength is very strong. The game, Bayern Munich, is bound to usher in battle. Bayern Munich discharge 4-4-2 formation today, Gomez and Klose partner up front. In midfield, Schweinsteiger and Gustavo double defensive midfielder, Franck Ribery and Thomas - Muller in the wings activities. Back line, Van Buyten and season Molash Road Chuuk sits, and Ram Planic either side, goalkeeper or the bout. The following is a list of games both starting and substitute:

When the world has dealt Fengqiang Aurora-resistant Kee Di Shang Xianxia

Xian Xia end of the world as the background to the "Aurora World" players from the vast city in the sky to the magic of jade s real environment, the fine will let us understand the people, demons, Air Shoes both good and bad fairy, fairy listen misty music, walking in the Xian Xia of the world, into the annals of history that ups and downs, you are not a mortal moment, that moment you will experience the thrill of immortality. Winter is over and spring tide beginning, in the spring of vitality you do? "Life is movement." Movement has gradually become a habit, cheap nike shoxjust as the long hibernating animals need to take a deep breath stuck his head out to do the same. For a winter dormant in the interior of the house for men who also should have been tired of the deep groove head full of wretched, Explosion milk, waistline; pink, jumping, white legs. Format your despotic power of the brain it, to "aurora world" feel for the breath of movement may be a good choice. In this vibrant warm spring "Aurora World" for everyone to prepare a major spring event: "Aurora World" campaign in spring tide, one hundred pairs of Nike, Adidas boots as you choose.