Li won the champion to push the military skyrocketed Nike poster

According to the Shanghai media reported that the French Open after winning just eight hours, the Air Shoes flagship store in Shanghai, Nanjing East Road, the entrance hung a nearly three stories high, in the French game hot photos, top people are shouting, it is Li Na. And this huge window, only Liu Xiang "enjoy" too. If her ad --- "change with the movement of all, just do it" - Li Na, will quickly become the Yao Ming, Liu Xiang, and later a sports rich. Li get to congratulate the clay Grand Slam singles title, becoming the first Chinese aspirations to the event, Running Shoes will introduce a "change with the movement of all --- JUST DO IT" Li championship posters. June 5, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Chengdu, the Nike shop 57 free gift to the fans of the posters. When Li Na became the first person to tennis in Asia, her commercial influence is growing geometrically. As a new image of Chinese sports spokesman, Li destined to set off a boom in the business world, not only have to find the world's brand Li endorsement, many well-known brands will also be actively associated with Li Na. Li is currently worth some have predicted, at least worth two billion yuan. In fact, in 2009, Nike took aim Li Na, Li Na, of course, because when the visibility is limited, Nike to Li Na of the contract, be a small amount. But now, everything has changed, can be expected that Li is Chaussures Sports endorsement fee, will certainly be more than a million dollars, that is, the more than ten million yuan. If the time to push down the year, Li Na in the commercial income is only 500 million yuan, even behind teammate Zheng Jie and Peng Shuai. However, Li 2011 is "spring." In fact, from January this year, Li received the advertisers' Chinese New Year red envelopes ": Australian Open final, a Canadian company called SpiderTech has completed a cooperation agreement with Li, endorsement cost over one million yuan ; won the Australian Open runner-up, the Li also won the lion's share of advertising contracts --- she joined the Roger Federer, Henin, Ivanovic and Wozniacki's top tennis star's camp, as Swiss Rolex watches top spokesman. It is reported that over the past Ivanovic's endorsement contract with Rolex conservative estimate of costs up to $ 3 million, while Federer Rolex signed in 2006 with a ten-year contract, requiring him to attend the ceremony only to be in force when the Peidai Lao persons table, you can get up to $ 15 million in total revenue. This calculation, Li endorsement fees should be more than ten million yuan. Since then, Li lightning hand Haagen-Dazs, to become the first player in its advertising spokesman. Li Na have friends jokingly sent a nickname - "Lady Na." International Women's Tennis Association President and CEO 斯戴西阿莱 Manchester had predicted, "there will be a lot of sponsors to seek cooperation with Li Na." Allais Manchester, said Li Na as the representative of the Asian players, will be the joint international women's professional network (WTA) darling, "she is a sign of WTA her through their own performance and a very likable personality, caused wide attention in the future, a series of promotional activities in the WTA, we very much hope Li Na will be the object of cooperation. "After winning the French Open, Li ads will continue," Na lady "style, because she is the world's largest sports agency - the International Management Group contracted players, all of her commercial endorsement contracts have to be a unified plan by the International Management Group operations. As a top brokerage firm, International Management Group's endorsement of the options are cautious player, is bound to the selected brand endorsements and players in the international and regional influence to match, and the number of endorsements will be controlled.

Spring and summer of 2011, Nike released the new Air Max Light

Air Max shoes as one of Nike Sportswear's classic, much-loved, and Air Shoes will launch it in every quarter so that we can not forget several of Air Max, as reported before for everyone Demin edition shoes. This brings us back to Nike Chaussures Femme Sportswear Spring Summer 2011 the new Air Max Light, from high-end leather and suede combination of blue and gray tones with each other, together with black Swoosh with green cushion to be dotted, so that the whole is full of shoes taste of summer. You do not need to hesitate to act it, it will be your best partner.

ESPN Rockets topped the ninth annual ranking of the Spurs over the Lakers Miami Heat actually

June 17, ESPN announced their annual four major sports leagues in North America for the ultimate ranking. The rankings refer to the factors that not only the team's record, a total of eight areas to consider the team's success this season. San Antonio Spurs finally ranked fifth in the rankings, but also the NBA (NBA microblogging audience: 5,153,133 + people have to listen to listen to news Air Shoes # NBA # NBA Finals ended, the Heat eventually 2 : 4 loss to the Mavericks, with the championship pass, but we have to admit that the Big Three's efforts this season, let's enjoy some of Miami's top ten goals this season and the playoffs. http://url .cn/3LdrNq more) teams in the first one. Interestingly, the Houston Rockets in NBA30 team which came in ninth, one stroke ahead of the Boston Celtics, Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers three teams of great concern. Reference to the ultimate ranking of the eight elements are: genuine degree, abbreviated as BNG, which means a team'snike shoes victory in the season, the number and proportion of the returns they get, according to major league games played between the different in this regard. the adjustment. Grizzlies in the NBA ranked first, while the king is bottom league. Fan relationships, abbreviated as FRL, players, coaches and managers for fans openness and focus. San Antonio ranked in the top, the piston bottom. Boss position, abbreviated as OWN, the core players of the team owners and the community public good degree of loyalty and good faith. San Antonio ranked in the top, bottom king. Purchasing power, abbreviated as AFF, ticket prices, parking fees, concession sales pitch point of the commodity price, the lower ranking. Thunder in the ranking of the top, bottom Knicks. Arena experience, abbreviated as STX, Chaussures Sports the quality arena, the venue of the match day activities and maintenance, environmental friendliness. Magic in the ranking of the top, bottom king. Player ability, abbreviated as PLA, the efficiency of the players in the game and by the popular level. San Antonio ranked in the top, the piston bottom. Coaching ability, abbreviated as CCH, the coach's leadership and coaching ability. San Antonio ranked in the top, the piston bottom. Title track, abbreviated as TTR, has won more times and the fans look forward to the future ability to win. San Antonio ranked in the top, bottom Timberwolves. In ESPN's rankings, some of the data and the fans seem a far cry from the subjective impressions, such as the Los Angeles Lakers player loved by the degree of efficiency and the field is only ranked 122 in the No. 56 team, the overall individual ranking in the league only ranked 14th, while the Miami Heat on the ranking of the 122 teams in total is only the first 29 and NBA No. 7, but the rocket came in the league top five. But ESPN's statistics clearly have their own truth and authority of the corresponding data, which may be subjective and is also a reminder of the fans.


Blatter, FIFA announced the suspension Harman Harman guilty of innocence lost badly

29 evening, FIFA announced the suspension of the Harman AFC President, Vice-Chairman Jack Warner's office and announced that was originally scheduled for June 1 as usual for the President election. This means that Harman launched hastily, on the challenges the authority of FIFA Sepp Blatter,Air Shoes to complete failure. May 28, Harman has decided to withdraw from the race office of President of FIFA, the President of June 1 general election will be only one candidate is the incumbent president Sepp Blatter, the fourth re-election a foregone conclusion. This is a political farce. FIFA President to the post, over the past month, Harman and Blatter was seesaw game. Want to 1 June election to replace President of the Harman Blatter has done a lot of work. In mid-May, Harman has more potential Running Shoes votes approximation Blatter. Harman camp, according to analysts last week, Blatter received in Europe, Oceania and South America's absolute support, and parts of Africa and Asia, the support members, Harman is received most of Asia and Africa, as well as in North America for their support. As a result, June 1 general elections there is a big suspense. Critical moment, Blatter to implement a simple and effective response. Harman lobbying in North America after returning from the FIFA executive committee, Blatter accused of bribery Harman and his close friend Werner. That report, Harman accused the May 10 and 11 during the stay in Trinidad and Tobago, North America and the Caribbean in the FIFA president Jack Warner's arrangement over the region met The Football Association President, and paid directly to each of 4 million in cash,Chaussures Sports in return the name of Haman is printed on the ballot papers. Harman move is forced. Harman forced Blatter had to choose a strong force in the money as a weapon, only to handle but was caught and Vital Blatter, Sepp Blatter has never played uncertain battles, in Harman contact the Football Association of North America officials, the informer Blatter has long been arranged, with Harman informant secretly recording all conversations, which became the most unfavorable of Harman as evidence. According to reliable sources, Blatter has been in private and Harman showdown, requiring election of the President Harman quit. That if you do not quit, the Qataris will face the possibility of ruin. Balance, Harman can only be declared out, and accept the result of suspension. Blatter is the biggest winner in this struggle, he will retiring Chairman of the 4th FIFA. As for the 5 years after the successor, President Blatter will be willing to be the bit "demise" to UEFA president Michel Platini. However, this infighting is not really the biggest loser in Harman, but FIFA this seemingly competitive in the maintenance of fair and impartial body. The world now knows, their internal vote, how much can be measured in monetary terms.

Barcelona Summer FireWire finalized initial repurchase Guardiola: should he

May 31, according to from the "Daily Sport newspaper," the latest report, preparations for the new season signings Barcelona, ​​Shakhtar Air Shoes talented 22 year old William Brazil. Won the European Cup, in many people's eyes, is Barcelona's season has been a perfect ending, but high-level office in the Nou Camp, which represents a moment of glorious beginning than anyone else, including high-level club, including Russell clearer , the summer signings for the team surge Shangwang the inevitable move the ball, move the negotiation process time is money. William - Jorge Luis Borges (Willian Borges) the name of the previous day boarded the "Daily Sport newspaper," the headlines, it is learned he is to bear the brunt of the Camp Nou in the summer transfer market players to implement the target acquisition . "Shakhtar is a training is a well-established team, they have in front 5-6 in the Brazilian players are offensive players, I think any team who can be competent in their market position." This is the Top 4 qualify for the Champions League this season, race one day before the game compared to the miners, Guardiola said at the media conference, then the next day, Barcelona 5:1 win over promotion, but no one thought that the king is the position of "face words ", does not. "Every body," said Guardiola concerned Shakhtar's Brazilian players have been several time, most eye-catching black player who is William - Borges - Da Silva. Kuala handsome high-rise that has been the attitude in the last week, hope the new season of their move into the team. Also last week, Williams appeared in Barcelona broker to transfer the player and other related matters for discussion with senior Camp Nou. This week's trip to Borges's agent will be in Barcelona, ​​Flying strive for continued negotiations to reach an agreement. Barcelona, ​​once news of the acquisition of William reported, the reporter will be the first time to find the parties wish to learn first-hand material on the matter, the Brazilian has always remained silent on this, saying he knew nothing about. But the yearning for Barcelona - William Borges did nothing to cover up, he even half-jokingly quipped to reporters: "sign Barcelona? Give me a pen, I'll sign, everyone knows, Barcelona as a Club football team in today's unsurpassed. "William - Borges, 22 years old, in August 9, 1988 Rees was born in Running Shoes As a professional player, Borges Chaussures Sports beaded appearance in 2005 to complete his debut that year, he was less than 17 years of age. 2007-2008 season, the miners on the effectiveness of the transfer Borges now, though William is only 1 meter 74 tall, but as the Brazilian players, he has the inherent delicate technology. Both in the field can also be qualified to act as a shadow striker winger, is the team's offensive playmakers. Miners broke into the Champions League this season, Top 8, is recognized as the dark horse, as a main absolute William has made undeniable contributions. It is worth mentioning that 20 years of age he was still Brazil's youth team striker position. Another two from the Premiership giants Chelsea and Manchester United are paying close attention to William - Borges, intends to be to hire.


Nike Sports Nike girls sandals and slippers a sampling failed

March 31, according to test report Harbin Trade and Industry Bureau, Nike sports a "Nike" the quality of girls sandals and slippers sampling failed. Understand the pro-net, Air Shoes according to Tony, "June" on the eve of Harbin City of Industry, major shopping malls, supermarkets and sales of 27 batches of children's shoes were quality sampling, the results show that a hundred large new shopping mall in Harbin Business Co., Ltd. Nike Sports (China) Co.,
NIKE AIR MAX 360 Ltd production of a Nike / NIKE sandals and slippers, odor level failed. Testing personnel, children's shoes directly affect the normal development of children's body odor, exceeded the prescribed level, easy on the children's physical and mental health damage. Currently, the Harbin Trade and Industry Bureau has ordered distribution of the substandard goods of all the operators, after 2 days of the announcement will be substandard products off the shelf,Chaussures Sports and substandard goods on the distribution of illegal operators according to the investigation.