Pierce complained that the referee lost lore support the Green Army was even worse without him

May 10, Celtics and Miami Heat started fourth semi-final showdown, the final loss to rival Celtics to 90-98,Air Shoes with a total score of 1-3 behind, and in this game, Pierce shot 10 of 20 scored 27 points and 8 rebounds. In this league, there are many brawny slugger, but want to find a few to compete physically and James who also is indeed difficult, but Pierce is definitely the first choice in the playoffs last season, the truth gate-type defense let LeBron suffered terribly, and the third in two games against this in the playoffs, Pierce once again played a role in the defensive end,Puma Shoes forcing James misfiring across the board, and the game, truth, and James The Rush still will be the key to the game. In the first game,Chaussures Sports Pierce will be fully open fire, and James Slamming dry, Celtics shooting the first section up to 61%, of which the aggressive Pierce to take the initiative is the key to the team, in this section, the truth of the play for the team laid a good foundation, his 14 points in a single section so that the team on the offensive end but also maintained a strong momentum. In addition to attacking sturdy, but Pierce is more surprising is his vision and passing, left in 49 seconds from halftime, the "truth" snatching a rebound in the basket, get rebounds in a row after take-off, Pierce and has not come to a halt, but turned and sent a note directly super-long rejection, and handed the ball under the back of the court quickly - Ray Allen, so that the latter easy layup, this time passing also highlights the excellent sense of Pierce and powerful ball vision. However, in such a close game, you want to win the game really need to pay too much effort, both teams deadlocked in the end, distal game again to test the moment of truth, and James again and again in the final 2 minutes to help the Heat scored the final moment of the initiative, while Pierce will naturally reluctant to give up, in an attack, he carried the basket to open directly reached the Defender completed layup to help the Celtics tied the score, for the attack on the Celtic perhaps the most timely, otherwise the game may be in the regular season will end. After James errors, 19 seconds left in the fourth quarter when the Celtics have the last chance to attack, once again handed the ball in the hands of Pierce, the truth, after the ball out of desire to use to complete the cast, but man-mark the completion of James tight, when Pierce off, James is also sealed up the arm, the truth finally hit the final blow to the basket, and Pierce is clear that James's defense has foul play, his arms spread out to complain, expression of discontent and loneliness. Pierce again in extra time count, in an attack, when the truth begin to exert, James just got in his line of march, a collision Pierce, LeBron immediately fell to the ground, the referee whistled for an offensive foul on this, then the morale of the Heat boosted, and won victory. Throughout the audience, Pierce has been good enough, he made efforts, but in the end but still regrets losing, competitive sport is cruel, there is no compassion, only conquest.

72 seconds 5 points! King refused to be soft shelled out the two cut his way

May 10, Heat and Celtics started fourth semi-final showdown with the final in Miami to 98-90 overtime victory over rival rewrite the total score 3-1 in the game, James had 35 points and 14 rebounds. In this postseason,Air Shoes James averaged 24.1 points, a career playoff low, LeBron discarded data defected to Miami, for what? Is undoubtedly the championship, if Miami can not win, then for James, is a failure in terms of season, especially in today's defending champion Lakers out in advance, based on the highest goal of the Heat Shock one less rival, which will give James more and more power. But now the premise that the Celtics had their first hurdle, Puma Cat  the Green Army is in the performance characteristics of the playoffs as the energy-saving bulbs, the more points the more light, the team's status with the development of the process play better, the 2-0, James has bluntly: "This team is still very dangerous." visible LeBron mind there is always an urgency. The campaign, after opening the first 4 minutes, James is not a shot in this Section to 7 minutes 37 seconds, LeBron finally got the chance, 45-degree angle from his position Xiece accelerated into the basket, and this lurks a vicious when the Heat closed the small Austrian, the two teams in the final regular season contest, the small Austrian to have been angered because of LeBron dirty little trick to lead to conflict, and this time, exceptionally jealous enemies meet ,Chaussures Sports a small Austrian flying saw LeBron hit naturally not hesitate, he jumped to go with the Iron Palm swept James made directly with the knocked out, but more surprising is that, by now a huge force attack LeBron is still in the fall to enter the auditorium before the ball into, not only to eat the foul O'Neal, but also labeled as 2 +1. Fierce opponents defense let James increasingly tough, continuous impact of the restricted area after the emperor, to the Celtics defense created a tremendous destruction, only a single game he got 13 points, supporting the Heat's offensive, sub-section match up After LeBron is still playing very efficient, in which the fast break after he steals back also leaves a deep impression, from the end of the half in 2 minutes 56 seconds left, LeBron directly from the mine - Allen hands the ball away, then rushed to the basket to complete one-stop Thundering Tomahawk dunks, NBA (microblogging) today officially announced the best defensive team just a team, the 3rd consecutive season, James was selected, and the emperor reflected in the game proved the defensive intensity, his selection is well deserved. LeBron's performance before suffering a critical moment question, it seems to bear a competition James prone to leg cramps soft ventilation symptoms, but the game, LeBron refused to weak, Ray - Allen soared in the third, and after LeBron will be a turn to respond the same way, of course, that was not finished, then James and Paul Pierce in the restricted area forced to eat alone, in truth, close the ball into the basket under the defense, we can say that in 72 seconds 5 minutes to save the Heat. LeBron still play overtime desired effects, he first succeeded jumper, but then the ball on the defensive end manufacturing Pierce gave the driver, the Heat finally get the victory, James also becomes extremely excited, scored 35 points and 14 full match rebounds, and LeBron's performed flawlessly, and now Miami to get match point, James, from the success of one step away revenge.

Horrible bloody cut 40 small new superstar Dwyane Wade! Dimension less look like?

May 10, Thunder King Hill road finally battle the last laugh! After three bloody brutality of overtime, the visiting team to 133-123 win over the Grizzlies, and will recover the total score into 2-2.Air Shoes Westbrook 15-33 audience, free throws 11 free throws and grabbed 10 rebounds, 5 assists and 40 points 5, while 40 points is his career playoff record to date of the individual. Both previous three games, Westbrook performance ups and downs, a lot of his scoring, 25.3 points were the first three battlefield; also a lot of assists, averaging 8. But why the team is still 1-2 behind? The reason, though less data amazing dimension, but also a lot of mistakes, errors, averaging a staggering 6 times! Especially in the first battle and the third war in the crucial moment, Westbrook is not calm, direct buried the Thunder.Puma Shoes No wonder even though there goes: Thunder lose, is lost less body in Victoria. Although Westbrook is too young, but it is not a tendon in the end does not turn the brain remnants. Apart from bitter experience, a small change in the style of play Victoria, who turned cautious in the field, and as much as possible to reduce the errors. And 17 points behind the Thunder was the case, it is the outbreak of Westbrook, was to help the team out of the quagmire. 5 minutes 56 seconds left in half the time, brave the Randolph basket successful offensive, the Grizzlies to 44-27 lead. Dimension less time to come forward, he then finished the basket succeed, but also made the Conley's offensive foul and completed the three-point play. Mayo two-thirds vote after a Westbrook,Chaussures Sports who broke into a plate along the bottom line hit to help the team successfully recovered nearly score. Mayo finally completed after scoring the first warfare, but also the most hard-dimensional small blow to your opponent. Bo consecutive successful free throws he hit the foul, so to speak, Thunder from 17 points in the pit and climb up to the end of the half to catch up only 4 points difference, Victoria less valuable. Distal to do so? The previous series did a race Westbrook Fan Yun, the key moment of the performance has been criticized incessantly. But today, less really is withstand pressure dimension. End of the game the first 5 minutes and 25 seconds, 维斯布鲁厄 layup after the train reached the restricted area, but also created the Tony - Allen's foul. The suspects walking the ball, but less action-dimensional fast connections, and even the referee did not see. After a successful three-point play, the Thunder has been go-ahead 10 points. Conley hit two free throws and then a small dimension with a drawn sword, after his shooting accuracy, the two sides to re-point deficit expanded to double digits. It can be said to complete the last big comeback Thunder, Russell Westbrook's a great tribute to this wave of continuous attack. Of course, the most critical dimension less a full match ball, before the end of the game than 2 minutes and 39 seconds of that scene, like a small forward like Gasol layup reached the restricted area, the Grizzlies have to catch the score 89 - 92, the audience greeted with cheers from fans, such as "grizzly bear country," the slogan everywhere, the home team again, comeback? Less time or dimension, flanking his shooting accuracy! Then he gave sent pass from Durant, who made two free throws. Although the final stage in the game, Westbrook some anxious Grizzlies are thus the game into overtime. But to overtime, and from the short dimension less frenzy finally calm down. Extra time before the end of 2 minutes and 12 seconds, Westbrook sent assists for the Durant, who hit third; 42 seconds later, another strike sent a small peacekeeping, Durant baseline jumper. It is worth mentioning that the first overtime, Westbrook did not even even 1 shot! The two sides of the fight continues, and the second overtime ensued. The implementation of the Randolph free throw after a technical foul and, again, like ghostly dimension reached less restricted, and complete the three-point play attack. Randolph missed a jumper after the case, he once again extremely tough on rebounds off the game ... ... of course, does the direction toward the strange, the two teams again in the second overtime draw, hit the third overtime. The third overtime, break-dimensional dumped in a few hits, the individuals have been given a full 40 points! To do this even in Kerry (microblogging) are feeling: "Now the dimension less then Wade really like." There is no doubt that after this game, Westbrook has the label can be affixed superstar.


Milan stunned team-mate Gennaro Gattuso contradict the beast: Gan claim to have fear

Boateng and Milan fans the same surprise index, "Milan won I think, but I entered the starting lineup for the first year was a front waist, really did not expect. There are too many first-class competitive player." Boateng with technical characteristics, running coach to conquer, what could conquer his teammates it? Accept the "Corriere dello Sport" interview, Ghana striker revealed an interesting detail, "the key to my success, and Gattuso head to head in a fierce clash. That was my second training to join Milan, plus I told Figure cable head and when the ball hit in the head collision, we both fell off a long time. I know what will happen this scene, but I do not back down. after the locker room, Ambrosini , Ibrahimovic, Robinho and other teammates came to congratulate me and say, 'When I first came to dare to contradict Gattuso so it may need 10 times the courage of ordinary people'. Since then, his teammates know what I players. "The second secret is thin," I do not think I'm fat, this year in Milan, I lost 7 kg, I will not drink milk, bread, and now I do feel good physically than before. " He promised victory celebration tattoo, "but not only the league trophy to the text, as well as Cup, I want to crown." remind his teammates and fans, "To take only 1 point over the weekend it would be wrong, this idea is not desirable. Weekend in Rome in my eyes, a Champions League final, to the win, in order to end the League Cup with a free mind to cope with. "Who will score the weekend? "Ibrahim! I feel. Hit Naples before I see Pato goal, playing Brescia goal before I see Robbie, my intuition is very concerned." Boateng Comments Milan this season is characterized by "1 to 0 Marxism, this score can best embody the team strength, spirit and thickness. " Asked whether he would claim for the arrival of Gan returned from the front waist lower back, his look of surprise, "Why? I do not know who would be coming, anyway, I do not leave AMC! I was born in that position, who has , Air Shoes we have some good competition. I listened to the coach, the coach let me retracement Houban Chang to defend, which I did. "transfer to another person should re-Essien, Boateng gum tree," we are friends, is the national team teammate Mark van Bommel can tell the truth and I are friends, they both play a position, I can not choose, let the club decide. of course, the best defensive midfielder Michael Essien is one of the world, I am willing to cooperate with him.Running Shoes "The most admired players Milan is Tiago Silva," training, you should not even think from his side through.Chaussures Sports His powerful words can say, I felt he was underestimated by everyone. "Milan harvest Boateng, thanks Ghana World Cup performance, which would like to thank the FA Cup Boateng's foul on Michael Ballack, "I chose Ghana rather than Germany, because of the foul on the whole of Germany are criticizing me, some people get death threats to my family, I deliberately bought a life insurance. I should not get this treatment, again without Michael Ballack, Germany is not playing very good thing. "(


Japan PingQiu giuseppe provocation: world never suffers losing Chinese

Japan's table tennis teenager in recent years function as the falcons, the fastest rising star in the upcoming Rotterdam, the Chinese legion is world listed him as one of the enemy on the gold. However the 22-year-old Japanese teenager but don't seem to understand what game, his modesty high-profile put words: never stand in Rotterdam loss to any a Chinese player.
Shoes With Air
This had been liu guoliang (micro bo blog) guidance evaluation "touch very good" Japanese nova recently played well this year, he worked in the united Arab emirates open quarter-final reverse Marlene (micro among at Po). But over the years carefully traces his against China's record, or negative many wins less. However, in Rotterdam world before, but he through open Japanese media provocation: "I can't imagine yourself in the world what is lost to Chinese players will feel, playing to win over them."
Running Shoes
Most Japanese media to the essence of falcon high-profile attitude gives the enormous support, they even think, the 22 year-old can realize since 1979, Japan after Pyongyang world men's singles medal zero breakthrough. But objectively face reality, think top rank in the men's singles project h., besides openly strong brigade in China, but also once ranked the Boer, belarus SaMSuoNuoFu, Taipei veteran players who ZhuangZhiYuan etc.

But according to the essence of the coach has revealed he falcons with other Japanese players who had kinder words from a different, he begins to have played in the fight against the target location of the Chinese players. So every competition, basic function before against China will sound-bites falcons. Moscow snatch the semi-final, world food hawk once put words say the Iliad, when China among his most grasp win wang hao (micro bo blog), because in the meeting, he won a record of wang hao twice. Results a response: "wang hao disdain the trophy on me twice called advantage? I remember at least won him four or five times!"
Chaussures Sports
When food hawk was in Moscow eight games unbeaten world keep, he touted said they never lost to China, but the players in the semi-finals at Po) by Malone (micro eighteenth beheaded. So integrated past records, and also a few of Japanese media bad-mouthing essence hawk, thinks his technology and experience, want to be in China before NanPing not to lose, is almost impossible mission.

Manchester united Barcelona clash s: final 27 years each a win 10 classic

After 2 years, Manchester united and Barcelona will again together. May 27th 2009 of the stadio olimpico, as the reigning champions Manchester united 2-0 defeat by Barcelona. Now, two teams European football today best teams, ferguson illustrious whether can succeed orlakers-spurs revenge? Josep guardiola and could help in three seasons to Barcelona for the first 2 times win the game?
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Historically, Manchester united and Barcelona have in Europe, including 10 times exchange champions Manchester united 1 victories, four draws 2 negative, cup winners' cup Barcelona 1-2 negative. Overall record each win three games, equal terms. Two teams last battles, is the 2008-09 season, when the champions league final on eto 'o and Lionel messi (micro bo blog) goals, Barcelona's 2-0 win over Manchester united.
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Interestingly Manchester united in the champions league finals after 2 times the process, also are met to Barcelona. The 2007-08 season, Manchester united and Barcelona have meet in the semi-finals, reds 0-0 draw against Barcelona (cristiano ronaldo penalty throw a penalty, home of Paul scholes long shots out on Barcelona. And 1998-99 title-winning campaign in Manchester united, has eliminated barca group, and eventually the final win to Manchester united is exactly Barcelona home camp nou.

Barcelona and Manchester united exchange, never lack of classic. 1983-84 season with the cup winners' cup quarter-finals, maradona's 2-0 at home to Barcelona, winning first move to old trafford, but was united 3 ball big reversal. In 1991, ferguson cup winners' cup final for the first time the Manchester united beat Barcelona, when the score is 2-1, this also is sir alex ferguson at Manchester united's first European trophy. 1994-95 season's champions league, united's lee sharpe at home into a shocking heel goals, 2-2 draw with Barcelona at the nou camp, but Barcelona but 4-0 sweep of Manchester united. 1998-99 campaign group, Barcelona, Manchester united two games are tied at 3-3, become kind of classic war.
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Between Manchester united and Barcelona have no secret. This season's champions league campaign, has scored 27 goals in Barcelona, averaging 225 damage the ball is the best team, Manchester united 18 into stadiums are only 1.5 ball; But united in 12 games only lost four goals after, averaging concede, Barcelona is losing a 0.33 eight pitches, far more than the Manchester united.

Lose the 2008-09 season uefa champions league final, sir alex ferguson has said biggest regret is Fletcher's absence. He was only starting with ji-sung park, the results Korean in that game underperforming. Two years ago in Barcelona, the starting lineup of Henry and eto 'o, silvinho, and the - kolo toure has left Manchester united team, but not only cristiano ronaldo. But strike from messi - eto 'o - Henry into messi - villa (micro Po) - pedro Barcelona, strength look more powerful, united are in a stable condition.

What is worth mentioning, the Manchester united at wembley, quite so fight at home. Recent champions league history, or the local team won the 1997-98 season at borussia Dortmund, the Olympic stadium in Munich win silverware. 1995-96 Juventus are in the stadio olimpico, realizing penalty defeat ajax native title. Ever since 1992, all attend local after the team in the champions league final, ultimately won the championship. But for the uefa champions league champions league restructuring, is the first final in the new wembley stadium, 1992 Barcelona 1-0 win over sampdoria. Don't Barcelona will after 19 years later, at the new wembley relive the a dream?

West prime minister satisfaction Barcelona promotion: real Madrid legend is kind of progress out

Beijing time May 5, according to from the marca the latest report of the final, Barcelona, Spain's prime minister sasha bart ROM pleased, Danish national coach eliminated more allegations "real Madrid football progress".
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Well, the Spanish prime minister, sasha bart ROM is a real Barcelona fans. March 2004 sasha bart ROM as prime minister, the nou camp since testimony at least include four Spanish champions league trophy, two European cups, two ChaoBaBei, and a king's cup. Meanwhile, Barcelona in the summer of 2009 more with the club a pen history records ball crowned "6 treble".
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Previous day, 17 days to four games ended "national Derby" after such claims wi to Barcelona at the nou camp, draw real Madrid 3-1 aggregate to this season's champions league final qualifying. As a red blues group loyal fans, sasha bart ROM little not to pick up Capitol hill in by media interviews was asked about his feelings for the game. Smile abundant sasha bart ROM concede, "very satisfied" with the government official words, "Barcelona can stand at wembley is this team, the embodiment of the real strength."

In addition to the Spanish prime minister, believing the promotion of outside Barcelona is not a few names football, including Denmark boss mo Morten Olsen soar - olson (). Over, praised the Barcelona Danish obviously will the muzzle aimed at real Madrid. Although tell "I against real Madrid didn't malicious", but talk of words outside, olson didn't leave real Madrid but critical persons: "mourinho - and that the real Madrid had lost today, can say now style with this team ball consistently uphold the concept of history, I even believer curing completely eliminated, real Madrid football progress." In olson opinion, mourinho's Porto this "small", with heavy defensive team took the uefa champions league style awe that such "well-known led inter team" still adhering to the idea, even heavy defense title also let a person without compliment. In the Danish more outspoken: "if mourinho to real Madrid in the semi-final first leg game that defensive football final, certainly it is sad."
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However, relative Denmark boss esteem the "style", the Madrid fans apparently more important results. Previous day, "marca", and the results showed that the poll released, amounting to 70,000 vote of netizens, as high as 61,8 % person and jose mourinho, cristiano ronaldo, believes that "coincide person such as real Madrid is out, rather than Barcelona" referees.


Champions League - Barcelona 1-1 Real Madrid a total score of 3-1 to break into the finals Yao Dao

At 2:45 on 4 May 10-11 semi-final second leg UEFA Champions League, Barcelona Real Madrid 1-1 draw at the Nou Camp, two-round total score of 3-1 to qualify for the Champions League final. Pedro the second half to score for Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid with Houmasailuo the equalizer. 2-0 first leg win over Barcelona at the Bernabeu Stadium Real Madrid, Barcelona today, the first tee the first half. Section 1 minute Iniesta (Air Shoes ) midline foul, Real quick free ball, Marcelo left Xiadichuanzhong, Javier Mascherano in front of siege. Kaka from the first 2 minutes behind Sweep Busquets, the referee is not a yellow card. Diarra 6 minutes down the center line elbow Iniesta, Barcelona free kick penalty tactics, Iniesta missed long-range. 9 minutes Albiol midline kicked Pedro, the referee is still not out of hand. 12 minutes after the market launch quick counter-attack Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi (micro-Bobo-off) over the center line 2 starts with the ball was tipped Carvalho tactical foul, the referee booked Carvalho. Real kick in the 16th minute before the games kick, header rescue Barca, Messi the ball quickly through the middle by Concordia pultrusion down, kick the referee not sentenced; Di Maria then breaking ball from the middle, is the skin g tackles. The 19th minute David Villa (Nike Shox R4 ) restricted area before the sub left, Messi Xiadichuanzhong, Carvalho goal line clearances. 21 minutes Harvey (microblogging) kick on the right corner, in front of a header by Casey Busquets Puzhu. The first 24 minutes Messi up front with the ball back, was turned Diyala shovel. The first 27 minutes Carvalho kicked from behind Messi and attempt to Massey from the ground Ye Qi, the referee did not provide him another yellow card. The first 31 minutes left the ball over Villa Abeiluoe out, spread to the restricted area before the ball, Messi was Casey Puzhu long-range. 32 minutes on the right Xiadichuanzhong Alves, Messi fired after stopping the chest, was Casey Puzhu. 1 minute Hou Meixi midline broken ball Diarra, Barcelona back in place, shot rub Villa left the restricted area is denied Casey Dan Zhang; 1 minute Houbiliya top of the key points right, Pedro far Shepian out. 36 minutes left Xiadichuanzhong Villa, Messi low shot inside the restricted area is denied Casey; Real Madrid fought back after 1 minute, Dima Leah Valdes right-sided mass was easily won. 38 minutes pass again Alves, Ricardo Carvalho blocked the ball flying in front of Real Madrid, Iker wrecker; 1 minute after the Real Madrid back, C Luo right-sided biography, Valdes ahead of the body Higuain Qian Pu ball off the foot. 43 minutes Messi Zhise, Villa pole was blown offside. The first 45 minutes, Real Madrid kick on the right corner, easily won Valdes. Yet both 1 minute added time gains, Barcelona 0-0 Real Madrid into halftime, the first half Real Madrid zero shots.Chaussures Sports Easy side battles yet both substitutions, Jimmy jumped into the pit before kick-off the public security personnel were captured. The first 46 minutes C Lo pulled down from behind when the ball break Javier Mascherano, and then Higuain kicker broke the referee whistled disallowed the goal. Alonso steals the 50th minute midfielder Kaka after the ball reached the restricted Zhisai, Peak rescue. The first 52 minutes was back Higuain denied long-range, this is the first leg Real Madrid shot today! 53 minutes Barcelona 1-0 lead, Pedro Goal! Iniesta sent subtle Zhise Road, Pedro offside by the knife, low shot to break! The total score 3-0 Barca! The first 56 minutes Emmanuel Adebayor kicked Busquets, the referee is not a yellow card; 1 minute Houdiyala shovel turned bright spikes Pedro, was the referee yellow card. The first 60 minutes Ozil replaced Kaka. 62 minutes Villa Abeiluoe uprooting from behind, the referee is not the cards. Real Madrid 63 minutes to tie the score ,1-1 Marcelo! Real Madrid to fight back after Qianchangduanqiu, Dima left the restricted area of ​​Australia bounced back his shot hit the foot of the column, then pass in Australia Dima, Marcelo shot in front of looting broke! The total score becomes 3-1! Alonso is 68 minutes after Messi had lost by tactical foul, yellow card by the referee. Messi had the ball 71 minutes away Abeiluoe, Emmanuel Adebayor both man and the ball was kicked over, the referee gave Barca a foul ball. Barcelona 73 minutes to make the first substitution, Keita replaced Villa. The first 75 minutes Marcelo bright spikes Feichan Messi, the referee booked. 2 minutes Houpeideluo a cross, Messi lob the restricted area was Albiol denied. The first 80 minutes Emmanuel Adebayor high leg kicked Peak hand, the referee has not been fined. 1 minute 后佩德罗飞铲迪 Yala, was the referee yellow card. Javier Mascherano 84 minutes to open Bigfoot, Diyala light step on the other foot spikes, the referee gave a free kick Barcelona, ​​Diarra has not been to the cards. About 1 minute Houedeba Messi pulled the collar from behind, the referee booked. Alves won the first 87 minutes before kick closed, Macy kick shot by Casey Puzhu directly. Replaced the first 90 minutes Abidal Puyol, the audience back for the two great standing ovation! 3 minutes into added time when the two parties are not gains, with a total score of 3-1 Barcelona qualify for Champions League final head! Barcelona 01-02 season with Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final encounter, when Barcelona 1 1 loss was eliminated, after a lapse of 9 years end 报一箭之仇 Barcelona. Guess the final score Barcelona Barcelona (4-3-3): Goalkeepers: 1 - Valdes Defenders: 2 - Alves, 14 - Javier Mascherano, 3 - Peak, 5 - Puyol (90 'A vidal) Midfielders: 6 - Harvey, 8 - Iniesta, 16 - Busquets Forwards: 10 - Lionel Messi, 7 - David Villa (73 'Keita), 17 - Pedro (92' A Feilai) Real Madrid (4-2-3-1): Goalkeepers: 1 - Iker Casillas Defenders: 17 - Arbeloa, 18 - Albiol, 2 - Ricardo Carvalho, 12 - Marcelo waist: 10 - Las - Diyala, 14 - Alonso avant-garde :7-C Lo, 8 - Kaka (60 'Ozil), 22 - Dimaliya Forwards: 20 - Gonzalo Higuain (55' Adebayor)

Manchester United Champions League semi-final forward-looking rule of thumb victory over Schalke slightly inferior

Beijing tomorrow morning, the European Champions League semi-final first leg of the first battle fought in Germany --- Schalke vs. Manchester United. Yangcheng Evening News Yangyang Xu, Liu Yi (Air Shoes ) and an analysis of the prospects in this tough battle. Liu: Schalke in the Champions League this season, unbeaten at home, a strong fighting force is with Manchester United at home under a higher maximum capital. However,
Pink Air Rift Schalke home double play Serie A giants Inter Milan, has been amongst the strongest teams in Europe caused the alert. Xu: Manchester United in the Champions League knockout four times in the past Bundesliga teams were eliminated, including the defeat at Borussia Dortmund and Bayer Leverkusen and so does not represent the highest level of the team at the foot of the Bundesliga, which makes them a lingering fear of the Bundesliga teams, prevail, at least psychologically. However, the Champions League this season, 4 wins and 1 level, zero losses of the road record to prove that Manchester United defender firm, this is their greatest asset a guest. Liu: Chaussures Sports Actually, Schalke, Inter Milan have a certain double play chance. They ranked early on in the middle reaches of the Bundesliga, the next eligible Sail hopeless war, demotion and worry-free, early attention to the Champions League will be, but the Champions League and Serie A Inter Milan by the tired two fronts, with the first battle underestimate the enemy, and ultimately be eliminated. Schalke Bundesliga standings behind in the tenth, the strength after all the Premier League "leader" Manchester United slightly inferior. Xu: But, up and down on the home win over Manchester United Schalke seemed confident, coach Lenny said: "If we kicked out when the level of Inter, have a chance. We want to win the game, certainly in the home as of Inter did kick. had no one expected us to win 5 to 2, so we will try to win every game. "Liu: I have noticed the statement Schalke defender Christoph Metzelder. He believes that the strength Manchester United as Barcelona and easier to deal with. But in my opinion, Manchester United and Barcelona a different style, their oppression and certainly not as good as Barca attack, but their offense and defense is more balanced, less vulnerability, up front there, "shooting machine" Hernandez, as long as a hit, Schalke would be difficult to comeback. Xu: Manchester United there is a big advantage, that is, reached the Champions League semi-finals 12 times the wealth of experience, like a horse know the way, in times of difficulty can always find the road to victory. This is the first time into the Champions League semi-final of the Schalke do not have, they can only rely on Raul and other Champions League veteran led the team, compared to significantly disadvantage. Liu: Manchester United is the biggest problem currently facing the fatigue of continuous fighting, but the weekend's Premier League matches, Vidic, Berbatov, Park is not on the squad, Ryan Giggs, Carrick, Evra off the bench, Sri Lanka Coles suspended in the Premier League will not affect the appearance in the Champions League. The truce is obvious these people for Schalke, so the victory over Manchester United easily overwhelmed by a stranger, a small victory is not difficult. Xu: I'm with you hold the same view. Add that, there are no indications that the striker Klaas-Jan Huntelaar to back, which is a lot of influence at a disadvantage Schalke.

Bulls Hawks Preview: Windy City need to strengthen the defense should not be too lonely Ross

Beijing May 5, NBA playoffs will be two. Among them, the Bulls will be at home rematch eagle, Air Shoes the following events of this game Preview: Bulls (0-1) VS Hawks (1-0) Bulls lose home debut, which contrary to many people's expectations. There is no pressure on the Hawks thought to play a proactive, offensive tactical execution is also very place, in particular restrictions on the Rose, to do very successful,nike shoes we can see an eagle up and down at this point a lot of effort. Johnson and Crawford are the biggest player in Atlanta win, the Bulls in the regular season of high-quality defense to show, in the first semi-final disappeared without a trace, home game of the Chicago people have underestimated the difficulty of the game, This is their poor defensive first battle of the important reasons. Tomorrow's game, Xi Bodu will certainly enhance the team's overall defensive effort, how to effectively limit Johnson, will be a major challenge he faced,Chaussures Sports and is a major problem must be solved. Objectively speaking, the Hawks scoring more concentrated, and if Johnson can successfully limit, the hope of winning the bull will be greatly increased. Several other starters, very difficult to manufacture too much on the offensive end waves. For the Bulls, they in addition to strengthening the defensive intensity, but also need to further increase post player on the offensive end of the scenes, there is a Boozer on the rebound, he should, and NOAA joined forces on the offensive end against a heavier opponent in order to divert the opponent's defensive focus, disguised attack relieve the pressure in the periphery Ross. Hawks is a emphasis on the offensive team, so do the Bulls defense is the primary task of this series. If they could well contain the opponent's offensive efficiency, it will significantly increase the promotion hopes. In addition, the Bulls off the bench also needs to rebound in time, the last game, the Bulls off the bench only fetched a total of 22 points, and Crawford scored the same as a person, which is one of the factors they lose.


World headlines: Pepe wins red card will be absolutely fair Neuer Bayern

Beijing time on May 2, Mike Mussina enemy enforcement battle, Pepe red card absolutely fair; Iniesta firing back? Barcelona or the next round of the championship; thank Tony Allegri total, Air Shoes Totti beyond Baggio! Manchester United Champions crisis, Villa coach Benitez? Tencent to bring you today's sports world headlines. Nike Shox R4 "Marca": Mussina enemy in the Champions League first leg of law enforcement battle the game 0-2 loss to Barcelona, ​​Mourinho's fine to very dissatisfied on the Stark. Today, UEFA announced the match referee the second leg, played by the Belgian Debris Craig, Walking can be said that Mourinho's nightmare 0-1 defeat to Barcelona last year's game, Debris Craig Motta put the red card penalty,Chaussures Sports the crazy irony to their applause. Now, the decisive battle at the Nou Camp, and then what will the story happen?

Women exposed male football coach a substantial increase in annual salary: 100 million + rewards to

Guo Zihao Football Association provides early part-time coach at the club after not to coach in the making to improve the treatment of Guo Zihao matters. Yesterday came news of football terms, football coach,Air Shoes has been prepared Guo Zihao new contract, most of the coaches have been signed. New contract clearly stipulates that men and women's football coach's salary 100 million, an assistant coach there are 50 million annual salary, in addition there are additional bonus ball to win the peace.nike shoes In addition to high salary but also have a bonus though, as the football coach the team as a career coach Guo Zihao highest goal, but far less treatment Guo Zihao coaching local club team coach. For this reason, some dual roles Guo Zihao assistant coach, team training and competition Guo Zihao Guo Zihao team services when, once Guo Zihao team disbanded, returned to the local team working. Earlier this year, football coach Guoguan Bu Guo Zihao made on the new requirement is not in the club part-time coach Guo Zihao, Guo Zihao to focus on the team. To stabilize the military, began to discuss the Football Association coach to improve Guo Zihao treatment. After 3 months of extensive discussions and comments to improve the treatment of Guo Zihao coach new contract has recently been introduced. The new contract, the annual salary of men and women's football coach is 100 million yuan, the annual salary of assistant coach of 50 million. Layers decreasing in accordance with the principle of equal treatment of national football coach, assistant coach Olympic (local coach) treatment, the treatment of Olympic assistant coach in the National Youth coach the same treatment, the treatment of the National Youth assistant coach and national less the same. In addition, Guo Zihao each team to win a ball or a ball flat, there are additional bonuses. To national football, for example, 20 million to win a bonus ball, ping a ball 10 million bonus. However, the new contract, and when no previous training subsidies Guo Zihao coach this one. Stimulate enthusiasm for the coach paid under the new contract, Guo Zihao than the previous coach did pay up a big slice. Although no previous training subsidies, but the substantial increase in annual salary, enough to make the treatment of Guo Zihao coach and club coach flat. A Football Association leaders said yesterday: "The purpose of this federation is to let the coach's treatment of Guo Zihao step, create the best environment for them,Chaussures Sports so surely arouse enthusiasm for the work, go all out for the team services Guo Zihao . "Guo Zihao coach inspired It is understood that some of Guo Zihao soccer coach has signed a new work contract, but there are some coaches do not contract with the Football Association. But in an interview, whether or not signed contract has been the coach, have said the coaching team will go all out Guo Zihao. Last night, a young Guo Zihao coach admitted: "The football coaches greatly improved the treatment of Guo Zihao, which are a bit surprised how much everyone, but everyone was very moved after the accident, it is encouraged. I think that each country famous coach will make every effort to do their work, their term of office for not regret it. "