7 West starting from Basel World Cup for the first time in 40 years

At two past five p.m. on July 8, 2010 game against Germany, Spain coach Del Bosque to Torres on the bench, Barcelona teenager Pedro as starter, which appears in the starting lineup for Spain 7 Ming Base player, is the World Cup in the history of the 3rd, the first time in 40 years. This 7 Barcelona player is chaussures sports, Piqua; midfielder Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta; striker David Villa and Pedro.

In addition to the Netherlands without a crown cap oath curse Spanish challenge

At three past five p.m. on July 8, 2010 qualifier victory in the Spanish war of 10, with the qualifying round and final round of 14 victory of the Dutch war, there is no doubt that Malaysia early morning hours on July 12 will be staged in Johannesburg a peak of dialogue. In turn the 76-year history of missed the World Cup final, after the humiliation of Spain is also targeting 80-year high and no one can - become first team to lose the first battle but in the end still cup team.Running Shoes strive Jinxue team honors in addition to the PK between, the two side by side lead the standings in striker David Villa (Spain) and Shinaizeer (Netherlands) also for the World Cup Jinxue honor those firms some, of course, if one can "double happiness", then won the next year, FIFA and the "France Football" the new Golden Globe Award merger opportunities will no doubt take on a lot. When a ball after beating Germany, the media commented the first time in history into the World Cup finals in Spain: they have proved it all: one ball, two high pressure to the opponents, three, winning mentality. 1 to 0 victory over previously never been beaten in the World Cup in Germany is for the matador can head up into the final. Spain now also joined by Uruguay, Argentina, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, England, Holland and France after the first 12 team World Cup finals appearance. Spain and the Netherlands face was all too perfect, but in the bureau. While this is not the World Cup championship history background 6 teams to start the final battle between, but two have achieved victory in the external phase of the strong-strong dialogue between the team. The military can take off orange clothing king without a crown cap the Netherlands reached the final after two were lost to the host and runner-up, this time orange clothes can take off Wumianzhiwang Legion hat, and in this regard as Brazil (chaussures sports) after a Support from the qualifying stage to win the team victory record it? Spain is facing an urgent problem to solve, because before the 18 World Cup opener has never had a losing team to the final cup, and West Germany in 1982, 1990, Argentina, Italy, 3 in 1994 teams are "open-door black" after the final and the final results are, without exception, runner-up.

Who is the next Costa Rica Costa Rica is the real octopus PK prediction Timor

At eight past five p.m. on July 8, 2010 This year's World Cup, all kinds of "prediction Emperor" On stage, number one Billy the crow from the mouth from the German octopus brother, so dizzying. Recently, Baidu Post Bar has made a forecast of a famous emperor - the future of Colombia, who took a very absurd move "through space-time" approach to predict the winning team. Puma basket Can be chosen to a coincidence, more than 20 days ago, he predicted the "champion" the Dutch team is really the first to break into the finals yesterday, this made the next leap Colombian network Reds! In the end who is the most accurate, we take a look at War Forces of it. Most forecasts Royal Fantasy: The Future Columbia highlights: June 13 win prediction Netherlands beat Germany 0 Spain 1 in the finals, the network on June 13 released a web quote "from the near future, willingness to learn the sign "became a network of posts to be friends of God cult, said his posts from the future, and not change history, the World Cup finals is 2 to 1 victory over the Netherlands, Spain, Shinaizeer and another you could not guess the bench into the the ball. Citie, and not many users, initial concern, but in the Netherlands, Spain, are quietly into the semi-finals when the fire, many users started skeptical, but took the lead into the final in the Netherlands, Spain, then joined forces, the Citie in Spain and Germany, a match Replies half an hour to more than 37,000, a separate ways users posts worship God, and this post are more to be sealed "future man" reputation, and was brought Paul compared with octopus. The final score will be 2 to 1, only the other morning on July 12 before being announced. The most accurate forecast Emperor: octopus Cape Highlights: Prior to guess the whole German race is already on the octopus Columbia do not have introduced, only happy to live in Germany obo Stockhausen aquarium octopus, suddenly became the world's most predictor of cattle. A mollusk could be so magical powers? Many people believed in evil but a bottom in Costa Rica was convinced by octopus. Octopus Geti Germany semi-final before the announcement of death, from the World Cup since the start up to hundred percent accuracy. Prediction of the most crow mouth Emperor: number one Billy Highlights: Who Shuidao Mei optimistic this time in South Africa, since Billy's mouth full of crow, only Spain into the unknown: first predicted "the arrival of African time", said there would be an African team into the final results six African teams stumble in the group stage 5, the last remaining semi-finals in Ghana has been sent out of Uruguay;Adidas Chaussures Then Billy said that Brazil and Argentina are expected to join forces in the final, Oh, great, Brazil reversed by the Netherlands, Argentina was Germany finished explosive, South America planes without a hospice; estimated that Spain is now the worry, because as early as January 2010 Billy had boasted "optimistic Spain" as a result, the Spanish team would stumble in season opener for Switzerland at the foot, do not know Billy on "Matador" Will the curse of this popular and free.


Spain's David Silva Method dark cloth stuffed evolutions starting

At 5:33 p.m. on the July 6, 2010 to participate in the group stage since the first match against Switzerland, the Spanish midfielder David Silva, there would be no chance of playing. But the semi-finals to face the German team, coach Bosque hope to compete in the middle of the field to gain the upper hand, so, David Silva could regain the starting opportunity. Adidas Chaussures Another option is to start Fabregas. Starting from Sunday, Bosque in the match against Germany. The conclusion is: the strength of Germany is very strong midfield, so the Spanish midfield is necessary to make some adjustments to the staffing structure. Strengthen the midfield means that Torres will be sitting on the bench. World Cup began, the general state of malaise Torres, not the level of play, Bosque decided to let him become a substitute. The replacement candidates Torres starting two. According to the Spanish "Marca" reported that the midfielder Silva Bosque consider re-starting. Recently joined the English Premier League Man City's David Silva since the first battle after losing to Switzerland, never played again. Torres is expected to replace another player is playing Fabregas. Cesc Fabregas in the match with Paraguay in off the bench, the performance is pretty good. Speed Cat If he starts, that Spain will focus on Road attack, relying on Fabregas's pass and create threats to attack the rear plug.

World Cup 10 false news

At 5:35 p.m. on the July 6, 2010 World Cup in South Africa near the end, many rumors during the shocking news, of course, many of which have been subsequently proven to be false news. JORDAN 2010 Among them, the Chinese media based on hearsay evidence, but also foreign media's malicious speculation. The following is the most widely spread so far this World Cup top ten false news. Gothic country cottage octopus octopus 01 Paul fame during the World Cup in West Germany before World War II, have users on the adoption of ps, that octopus Paul predicted Spain to win. Sharp-eyed Internet users at a glance, the picture is fake, and artwork from Germany and Serbia, and the Spanish flag in the middle of the emblem with no sign printed on, how can that be the German's style? 02 Ji Weier was ill before the World Cup, Ji Weier was ill in China's major news media spread like wildfire. The news people on the fade out of sight for a long time full of sympathy for Liverpool star, so his red card in the match with Ghana, under penalty, the media woes. But it turned out, this is only one Australian media from a mistranslation of the newspaper. 03 Laliangda was shot in the Anglo-German war, Uruguay referee Laliangda strange errors committed, the effective kill Frank Lampard goals. Subsequently, an African television news broadcast claiming to be fans Laliangda shot. Later, the television station came forward to clarify this is an error in the broadcast. 04 Ozil wind Boeqier false passport is the World Cup one of the most dazzling star, Turkey, Germany, and not to their choice of coach Guus Hiddink Turkey very sorry. However, this statement been misinterpreted as the Italian media, "Hiddink blamed Ozil the passport is false" and caused a storm is, indeed, ironic. 05 of 32 North Korean team lose dug, the Korean team has been dressed in the veil of mystery, full of curiosity about its. Korean team losing before the game would have sent rumors were dug their rumors, and was reproduced in the national media rush. But this is really a former assistant coach of the Korean team's letter of resignation mouth. 06 Korean players missing in North Korea after 1 to 2 loss to Brazil, "the Korean team of four players missing," the message transmitted was uproar, because the DPRK is its match against Brazil only 19 have submitted the list of games. The truth is that the Korean World Cup team did not make clear the rules and other contest that can only be submitted as 8 substitute. No. 07 jersey in Germany Germany 4 to 0 victory over Australia after the news that the Germans at the front door Encke's shirt is also brought to the South African scene, and accompanied by a picture. This news though warm, but also proved a false message. The reference image is November 18, 2009 Germany home and the warm-up when the situation in Côte d'Ivoire. 08 Buffon in the Italian dressing room was angry with the war in Paraguay, on the 1st door Buffon midfielder was replaced, so was puzzled fans, and even on-site Italian media have speculated that a dispute with coach Marcello Lippi. The truth is that he only just in the locker room in Shanle Yao. England, 09 Anglo-German replay very unhappy domestic defeat of Germany, and even concocted a website, "FIFA confirmed the Anglo-German replay" of the shocking news. In order to improve the news of "authenticity", the site did not forget to add "Reuters quoted the message" this term. At the end of course websites, or affirm its just spoof it. 10 Franck Ribery Franck Ribery birth is a descendant of the emperor, this is probably the longest football spread from the most widely fake news. Even during the World Cup in South Africa also been filed. A lie repeated a hundred times became truth, because of Franck Ribery has been "infected" of Chinese descent, so the French team also played the style of the Chinese team, the end of group stage on home hastily. Photo ■ Australian players Ji Weier was ill news is that Australian media from a mistranslation of a newspaper. ■ African broadcast news of a miscarriage of justice claims that the referee disallowed the goal Laliangda Lampard, the fans were shot dead, later confirmed that not the case. ■ User PS spoof of octopus with pictures, into China to win Germany. ■ Korean team losing before the game would have sent rumors were dug their rumors, but that is the former assistant coach of the Korean team's letter of resignation mouth. 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Trident Lee first attack spell Quartet Bahe

(Alife Chaussures ) "five-star samba" Brazil Ying Peng, "orange shirt army" The Netherlands, two old enemies Friday in the World Cup 8 in their territories, the two can only live one, expected to be launched Melaleuca waves. 16 civil war in South America, Chile play 4-3-3 formation strongly Compound Attack, but Brazil have reached a pinnacle of the use of very effective defenses, the result with backbone Juan, front-line "Gemini" Fabiano and the Law Bignaud the construction of a power, to 3 to 0 win over Chile. Looking Shangzhang match against Chile, apart from midfielder Kaka, striker Luis Fabiano and Robinho attacking trident composed of outstanding play, even the positioning of women adidas and reserve midfielder Lamire Sri Lanka is a fairly good performance, they not only attack the task to complete, more very solid defensively, showing the depth of Brazil's reserve team quite amazing. Brazil nearly two out of opponents is worth mentioning that in 1994 and 1998 two events, both in the knockout victory over Brazil, the Netherlands, Jin Zhang Zai Yu old foes the Netherlands, Samba Army strong Zaicuo opponents. Fri battle, because the accumulation of yellow cards Ramirez midfield is full, automatic suspension. The other two midfielders Elano and Mello Jie You currently injured, the former certainly miss playing, the latter battle doubtful. Netherlands 16 Slovakia knockout will be the dark horse, doing well, back from injury to winger Arjen Robben is ushering in the first election results and midfielder Shinaizeer each build a successful, beat 2 to 1, well into Ban semi-final. Dutch striker Robin van Persie despite the fall of only two, front wing and the midfield Shinaizeer Robben such offensive players, but the Dutch did not rely on the past, has been advocating sharp play all type of attack, anti-terror defense force with almost Gaogemengjin, 4 Number of World Cup matches only 2 clean sheets, and warfare is not a clean sheet, we can see some bright spots show the Dutch defense. In any case, the face of more powerful and excellent defenses of Brazil, the Netherlands, one can only let go of a Bo. Negative material will not only coach Nike Shox R4 defense, former Dutch field "Quartet" will allow Brazil dramatically increased the pressure in the backcourt, Law and Shinaizeer responsible for instigating the attack, Robin van Persie and Dirk Kuyt scored shoulder responsibility. Yuichi Nishimura Brazil, the Netherlands 8, whistle-finals finalized the main referee, Yuichi Nishimura, Japan, the game will be law enforcement, this will also be Yuichi Nishimura World Cup in South Africa's fourth outing of law enforcement. Yuichi Nishimura enforcement Uruguay had been to France, Spain, Honduras and Paraguay on the New Zealand game. Yuichi Nishimura 38, 2004, an international-class referee, received the 2008 African Cup of Nations law enforcement opportunities, as when the tournament is not the only judge of African origin. In 2005 China 1 to 1 level in Korean nike chaussures sports , Nishimura male has been the Chinese team player and assistant coach has produced four red cards. ★ focus star Robinho Robson de Souza national team: Brazil, the functional: Forward Club: Man City Birthday :25-1-1984 Robbie activation group before attacking North Korea and Côte d'Ivoire, two wars, Robinho and card cards, consisting of attacking trident Fabiano outstanding performance. Robinho's dribbling, and involved, Kaka's go-between, and Luis Fabiano in the final word, so that Brazil invincible. As the injured Robinho missed, Brazil's final group match only with the odd bored and Portugal. 16 play against Chile's back, Robinho activate the team attacking the front line, he scored 3 goals for Brazil. Robinho exciting hands pointing to the sky, we saw that old "cycle of juvenile" full of smiling faces. This is not just his goals in this World Cup's first goal, but also enough to take off action Robinho fancy, fancy hat. ★ Robin van Persie Robin van Persie Team: Netherlands Division level: Striker Club: Arsenal Birthday :6-8-1983 good break Robin van Persie with a speed born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, now plays for English Premier League's Arsenal team, the Division staff forward. Van Persie is a left foot will be, but his right foot in the technology as well, so he can line up front attack any one location. He played in the Arsenal team by position and the ball much like the wind in front of the Dutch star Boken. The difference is that Van Persie is more adept at using the speed breakthrough. World Cup, Van Persie has been the team's lone striker of choice, but performance is not satisfactory. In the group stage, Robin van Persie scored the winning goal when play against Denmark. In any case, Robin van Persie are committed performance in the field adrift old trouble; 6 strong battle play against Slovakia, the Netherlands 1 to 0 lead by the occasion, he wasted numerous opportunities to score, resulting in the delay in expanding the team lead, eventually for-end. After the trouble he was accused of not and with teammates Shinaizeer.


More than 680 million hectares of Inner Mongolia of China grassland in serious rodent

Since entering in May by the temperature rose rapidly, a major area of rodents in Inner Mongolia. As of 5, rodent area of more than 680 million hectares, involving 12 Union City, 27 counties in the district.

The main reason is the occurrence of rodents and weather drought, rodents occurs mainly in the regional semi-desert steppe desert. Rodents in the grassland on the wanton digging tunnels to feed on grass roots, bulldozers cover vegetation, the ecological environment of grassland had a serious impact. Currently, relevant departments are taking biology, ecology, chemistry, physics and other comprehensive rodent control measures have been more than 60 million hectares of grasslands are effective prevention and control.